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Cargo   Tracking   and   Security

Lynktrac™ is an asset tracking and security solution for cargo trucks, oil tankers, cargo trains and containers or moveable assets. By combining RFID and Bluetooth technology with GPS devices on an IoT platform, we have created the ultimate tool for visibility, route optimization and analytics to improve your supply chain security and efficiency. Our solution offers a full suite of GPS trackers (both fixed and portable), as well as GPS locks manufactured to suit every use case. Lynktrac fully integrates with our electronic consignment note and proof of delivery platform allowing for end to end automation and linkages in the supply chain.


Transport   Management   System

Lynkit has built the first application for transport and supply chain documentation on blockchain. The application has been selected by The Linux Foundation as one of the twenty four “in production” applications for the blockchain showcase. Lynkit.io built on Distributed Ledger Technology enables businesses (consignor - consignee) and transporters/agents/forwarders to issue and exchange e-consignment notes & proof of delivery with complete visibility, data security, privacy control, all in real time. Data from Lynktrac such as arrival and departure times can be integrated, making our platform aggregate data from both human and IoT inputs into a single form.


Terminal   and   Yard   Automation

Lynkgrid is a terminal coordination that brings together crane and yard operators, shipping lines, importers and exporters and terminal operators all under one application. Lynkgrid offers 3 axis location detection and analysis of each move of a container using Real Time Kinematics (RTK) with the ability for periodic and real time reports, analytics and predictions. Our application offers productivity data for each crane as well as individual crane and yard operators. Our Crane Task Management System (CTMS) suggets which task should be given more or less priority in order to reduce or mitigate trailer congestion and container dwell time.


Exporting   Simplified

PikMyBox is our application catering to the needs of online/offline retailers and e-market places engaged in exporting merchandise to overseas destinations making country to country movement as simple as city to city. We simplify this process through automated printing of regulatory documentation required for export such as Reserve Bank of India forms, Tax Return forms, Shipping Bills, and foreign country customs requirements. We also provide data management features like sharing of shipment information between stakeholders in the supply chain, and alerts to our clients end customers. PMB helps to make your world flat.


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